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The Foremost Institute of Vocational, Tecahnical and Innovative Studies has many Curriculums that are comprised of blends of entrepreneurial, cultural, management, and vocational development for improved livelihoods.


Our Mission

To provide all-round training in the necessary skills and capabilities needed for self-employment and job creation for others to solve the problems emanating from impoverished conditions. Our programmes aim at ensuring improved life and living for individuals to enable them play desirable roles in nation building.

Our Vision

To ensure that a greater number of people become responsible citizens who can generate incomes for their own survival and their families', and create windows of opportunity for other people to live desirable and worthwhile quality lives above the poverty line.

Our Objectives

  • Reduction of poverty through the Acquisition of Relevant Practical Skills by all.
  • Creation of an enabling environment where individuals can be exposed in theory and practice to the process of proper resource management, the demand for money and other resources through consumer education.
  • Assist in the process of saving the society from the 'Street Roaming Syndrome' and other social vices through gainful engagement.
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    Courses and Instructors

    We Have The Best Instructors Available in The City

    Duration of courses

    The duration of courses vary from three months to two years, depending on the desired certification, entry qualification and level of competence. Below are the packages available:

    Part-Time Certificate Courses -- 6 Months
    Part-Time Diploma Courses -- 12 Months
    Part-Time Advanced Diploma -- 12 Months After a Diploma Certificate
    Full-Time Certificate Courses -- 3 Months
    Full-Time Diploma Courses -- 6 Months
    Full-Time Advanced Diploma Courses -- 6 Months after a Diploma
    Special In-Service / On-The-Job Courses for Professionals to improve their Pre-Service capabilities - Duration of 4/6 weeks
    About Us

    The Foremost Institute Of Vocational, Cultural and Innovative Studies

    Education and all forms of training increase the knowledge, skills, and competence of individuals with increased entrepreneurial drive and improved levels of income that support economic development which plays essential roles that ensure social harmony and order.

    The Foremost Institute of Vocational, Cultural and Innovative Studies (FlVCIS) is an educational and training institute that runs programmes with curriculums consisting of blends of entrepreneurial, management, cultural and Indigenous Knowledges as well as vocational development which are very dire to improved livelihoods in the contemporary time.

    The Institute aims to ensure that its graduates are not only well-seasoned in vocational and culturally inclined skills, but are also equipped with the necessary knowledge to start and profitably manage their own businesses.

    The campus of the Institute is designed to be learning and learner-friendly, theoretical and practical-based with apprenticeships and internships as key components.

    All the courses offered are affordable and open to the public to ensure that everyone benefits, irrespective of educational background or financial challenges.

    We run a kind of hands-on, minds-on training that could be easily replicated by graduates with minimum financial start-ups for their own businesses.

    Upon the completion of training, a stipulated period of internship is mandatory depending on the peculiarity of the Certificate obtained from the Institute.

    The internship period could be observed within the Institute or in other relevant business outfits.

    All programs are available in full-time, part-time and Post qualification basis.

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